PULSE Testimonials: 


  -  "To experience PULSE is an amazingly joyful thing. Each of the four women are extremely talented and together, well . . .

together, they blew the roof off the venue.  It is not often that you hear audience members, men in particular, yelling out after a song, "That was beautiful"!  And after the two unique, historic and  spirit- raising sets of  music, the standing ovations, whistling and chants of Bravo! paid apt respect to these musicians for their passion and ability to create an evening  you will not soon forget"


Linda Carpenter



   -  "PULSE is packed with talent, energy, and heart. I felt the transformation in the crowd at the Nash on Saturday - more than just a concert, this event put us back in touch with

the joy of being alive. Music composed by women, performed by women -- don't pass up a chance to see them perform!" 


Leah Sarat, Phoenix, AZ 



  -  "Four very talented ladies

comprise PULSE, a group which

is entertaining and exciting.

Their program consists of a

variety of music and includes the works of famous artists such as

Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday.  

PULSE's unique rendition of

Bobby Gentry's 1967 classic
"Ode to Billy Joe" is a classic

and leaves the audience asking
for more. I have personally

attended two of PULSE's performances and look forward

to seeing them again in

the near future.


Tyler Rich


  -  "I really enjoyed Pulse's

performance at The Nash!"


Sherry Roberson, Jazz Vocalist


  -  "As newcomers to the valley, it

was a wonderful experience to

attend Pulse's recent gig at the

Nash. What a joy to hear these wonderful musicians and to be

able to share their obvious love

of the jazz medium.


Maureen and Tom


   -   "PULSE is witty, engaging and fun! My friends and I had a fabulous time listening to them and we can't wait for their next appearance."


Michael Landeau, 

Tempe, AZ